KLM Aviation Empire

KLM Aviation Empire

By  Little Chicken Game Company
Client   KLM
Role  2D & UI Art Art Direction
Platform  Mobile – Tablet
Launched  2013

Aviation Empire is a 3D strategy game in which you run your own airline. The main challenge: make money and conquer the globe! Invest in a well-maintained and up to date fleet, create a profitable network with international destinations and build your airports with all kinds of facilities that make your passengers happy.



Logo design

For Aviation Empire’s logo I first started out by creating some logo’s with the ‘work in progress name’ Airlinemanager. After a brainstorm the name ‘Aviation Empire’ came up. With this new name I’ve started digging through all of KLM’s branding. Because the game gives you insight of the whole history of the company, I felt it was the right choice to use the first logo from KLM from 1920 as reference. It had this amazing design and feel which I wanted to incorporate into our game logo.

I started sketching up modern and more styled versions and came up with these concepts. KLM’s own blue logo also had to be integrated and thus, the final logo was born.




Interface design






Wireframe example

Promotional products



Social marketing

Week illustrations I created for the fan base groups on social media.