KLM Jets – Papercraft Air-O-Batics

KLM Jets – Papercraft Air-O-Batics

By  Little Chicken Game Company
Client   KLM
Role  2D / UI Art / Art Direction
Platform  Mobile / Tablet
Launched  2015

Jets is a mobile game in which you lead your paper plane safely through an obstacle-ridden cardboard world. You can do this in a fun-packed single player mode, or use your social media account to challenge friends.

Jets’ first levels are set in Amsterdam and New York City. Fly your plane through the old city center of Amsterdam and over its famous canals. Or enjoy the view from the Statue of Liberty and find your way through New York City’s crowded Times Square.



App Icon concepts

Various UI Assets

These are just a hand full of the UI texture elements I created. Most elements had to be created in
powers of two and nice-sliced. Some worked out better in an atlas.

Interface design




Created a paper and cardboard designs and integrated all the assets into Unity 3D prefabs. All
prefabs work very well with all kinds of canvas resolutions, from iOS and Android phones
and various tablets.

Character design

For Jets, the main character is a paper airplane. KLM wanted an airplane that could actually fly
in real life and that didn’t exist already. In the sheet below you will see the paper prototype
and different designs of the actual plane I created.

Wire frames 

Below you are able to see one of the many wire frames I created. This is flow was created with all the features wises of the client and stakeholder.

Promotional & Store Art

Using Unity 3D and levels from the game I created these scenes, rendering them 8 times bigger
that the actual game. I took the raw renders to Photoshop to brush everything smooth and pixel
perfect, re-drawing the airplane and adding wind, light new background skyline effects

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