Na aapje Voedingscentrum

By  Little Chicken Game Company – Roorda
Client   Voedingscentrum Nederland
Role  UI / Animation
Platform  PC / Web
Launched  2012

A game created for Voedingscentrum Nederland (Nutrition Center) that shows children that vegetables are good for you and that moving is healthy. The Nutrition Center wanted to use the  ‘monkey see, monkey do’ behavior, to make them more interested in fruit and vegetables through this game.

Monkey is outside in his world and cheers happily from branch to branch. By using his tail as a spring, he maneuvers and bounces his way up. On the branches are different fruits and vegetables and the goal is to collect as many pieces as possible. For each piece, Monkey gets points and he can jump higher. Some vegetables or fruits even provide extra life or rocket power.

For this project I created the user interface and animations.