Drone Escape

Drone Escape

By  Little Chicken Game Company  
Role  Visual designer / Concept art
Platform  PC
Launched  2016


Drone Escape is a narrative experiment made by a team of 5 people (2 – programmers, 1 – 3D artist, 1 – 2D artist and one sound designer). The player assumes the body of an unnamed drone who is ‘woken up’ by another drone. You need to perform a repeating set of tasks, but these become tedious quite fast. There is seemingly a way out, but how to get there…

Helped creating the story concept. I supplied the 3D artist in the team with rough concept sketches for the environment assets, some of the textures, created the branding for the game as well as a few animations in Unity 3D for the drone.

We made this demo within a week.


Logo concepts







Samples of textures for the drones emotions


Concept sketches

Here are a couple of the sketches that had to be made in just 2 days.


Screenshots from the game