Pritt Knutselwereld

Pritt Knutselwereld

By  Little Chicken Game Company
Client   Henkel
Role  Lead Artist / UI Designer
Platform  PC / Web
Launched  2009

Pritt Knutselwereld is an online world with unique look and feel, in which kids can start making fun paper craft art with a virtual scissors and glue. Created with Adobe Animate and Adobe photoshop I was responsible for the overall 2D visual look and feel, interface, animation, promotion material and annual newsletters with new crafting material.

Logo design

Also the logo had to fit into this world full of paper and cardboard. So the logo also got a slight crafted touch for this project.

Interface & visual design

The whole background and many of the art assets are crafted with traditional mediums, for example the background is a mix of ecoline, ink and white paint on paper. Scanned, cleaned and layered in photoshop on top of cardboard texture. The globe and character were created by the teams 3D artist.


Art assets

A hand full of the traditional crafted game assets for the avatar builder.


One of the storyboard created for the tv commercial


Annually there would be a fun newsletter with a little crafting project that kids were able to download and print.

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