Internet of Elephants

Internet of Elephants

By  Little Chicken Game Company
Client   Internet of Elephants
Role  Concept / Prototype design & art
Platform  Mobile – PC
Launched  2016

Internet of Elephants is a social enterprise based in Kenya and the United States. They are a collaboration of technologists, conservationists, educators, game designers, and strategists working together towards a stronger connection between people and wild animals.

For this purpose I was able to create a number of concepts and prototypes.

A promotional piece I created for the testing audience



Various concept and designs ideas, from a elephant roulette, to a wildlife safari in your own town or taking care of a baby elephant.

A concept where you can creating a dream team of animals that would cover the greatest distance and play against friends.

Augmented Reality Application

Below are the Interface and visual I created using photoshop, illustrator, wacom intuos 3 and Unity 3D.

Game prototype 01

The very first prototype was created to test if playing with real animal data (gps data of the behavior of an elephant) would be fun and make players more connected to wildlife thousands of miles away.

Each day Amelie would walk a distance and players had to quess were she would go, determined on the behavior of the elephant.

Game prototype 2

Created a second prototype where you are able to get more information about Amelie and follow her. I wanted to give the players a better feeling of where they are, so instead of a very styles map like in the first prototype I wanted to have a map that would show the environment.

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